Thursday, October 23, 2014

Of Math and Magic / Limiting Chance

Chris Mascioli has a nice article in his series Of Math and Magic where he shows how to calculate multivariate hypergeometric probability mass function using a spreadsheet.  He calculates the odds of drawing a pair of the same spell, something not easily done in Deck-u-lator.

He wrote this series as a response to Dan Nelson's series Limiting Chance.  Dan focuses his attention on the 40 card Limited format and addressed topics including play or draw, mulligans, cantrips, and the mana curve.

I appreciate what both these authors have done in helping to educate gamers about how to use math to improve their play.  Dan's approach is a bit more "scruffy", but he does carefully explain his methods.  Chris provides the "neat" contrast by rigorously explaining results using probability theory