Monday, November 22, 2010

Building a Sligh Deck

Building a Sligh deck

SuperDad suggests another problem for the Deck-u-lator. What is the best distribution for cards in a Sligh deck? These decks are mono-color and have lots of small creatures that come out quickly and build to successively larger creatures as the game progresses.
Let's start with a simpler question. What are the chances of being able to get and cast a spell with a casting cost of 1 on your first turn. With 23 mountains 60 cards total, what we are varying is the number of casting cost 1 spells (called 1-drops here). The settings below will calculate the chance for being able to open with a 1-drop with 10 in your deck.

First turn Creature combination
have need card

Adding more creatures to the mix

It would be fun to make similar graphs for 1-drops and 2-drops (bears). Similarly, for 1, 2, and 3-drops combined. The settings below can be used for your own experiments.
Remember to read about how to use Deck-u-lator to calculate chances when either one of two combinations will work. The basic idea is to calculate each combination on its own, add those chances, and then subtract the chance of getting a hand that has both combos.

Sligh, the original fast burn deck, was designed by Dave Price and was based upon the concept of being able to use all your mana every turn. It was built upon the following mana curve.


Sligh deck combination
1-drop Creature
2-drop Creature
3-drop Creature
4-drop Creature
X Sorcery

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